Monday, March 30, 2015

More Inspiration II

Sunday we drove up to General Rv at Orange Park to buy some new shower hoses, washers and shower head.  On the way back we stopped by Home Depot to get a #70 Delta faucet repair kit. This morning early I tried to take the shower valve apart but it would not budge: The outer ring was frozen fast. I was afraid to torque on it any more for fear of twisting the whole pipe right out of the manifold.  So this became another project for Tom Holland Marine to do in the off season.  There is a list of several minor items (hopefully) and our last venture with Tom was satisfactory and we are glad he is here to adsorb the more difficult projects.

SAM is down in the clubhouse cooking up most of the perishables from the refridge.  It should not be too many days before we leave for the trek back up North.  In a way I will be glad since this season has not been too kind to me ands even now I do not feel fully recovered.

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