Monday, March 23, 2015

First Mate stuff

Again, the First Mate is out and about.  I tried to call the cellular phone but to no avail.  She is out with our South African freind helping get her situated for the return to RSA.  They have been here for some years and have accumulated a lot of items.  With their boat sold it became necessary for them to rent half a container to ship everything back to RSA.  SAM just arrived back so I will find out about everything pretty soon.

The high tower fishing boat seems to have left this morning.  They have made several excursions out on to the St. Johns and always came back.  This time they have not.  I believe their destination was New Bern, NC.

I called Sailor's Exchange this morning to find out if they had a marine compass.  They did have a Ritche so I am going to go over to see it this afternoon.  As a matter of fact I will finish this when I return.

ADDITIONAL: SAM returned and we decided to go to Sailor's Exchange to look at compasses.  They did not have too much that interested me so we left and drove back to the Monkey Fist.  Steve had several units but none that I want.  I like the Ritche Navigator series.  The problem is it is too small in diameter so I will either need to make and adapter or buy a premade one.  

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