Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Main Halyard Line is in

Mt new main halyard line just came in.  It is 1/2" Sta-Set X and I ordered 150' so there should be plenty of extra line in the cockpit in case a much long reach in needed above or below waterline (e.g. dingy retrevial or person rescue or whatever). It must be in my nature to order a little too much. Steve down the way, who has a Passport 42', is going to splice and eye in the end so I can nicely mount the shackle.  It should be pretty nice when done.

Al is making me some circular plates so I can cover the speaker holes on the arch speakers.  I took a close look at them and found the cones totally disintegrated.  This lets the water blow right into the arch column which goes who knows where.  Hope he gets them done before he leaves for South Africa.  They pulled his boat yesterday for final inspection on a potential purchase.

We are in the clubhouse trying to stay cool.  The boat is too warm for me even with the aircon - I did not get the tent up soon enough to keep all the radiant heat coming through the hatches.  Ok, enough of this missive for now.

UPDATE: Steve & Lori stopped by the boat and picked up the halyard line and snap shackle.  Soon as he gets done splicing a tight loop that will support the snap shackle.

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