Monday, April 27, 2015

I have been spending most of my free time in researching various boat oriented systems.  If I think they are interesting to me for future applications i put them on the blog WaterManWater over at Tumblr.

Today, I was back on the Icom IC-7200 and how to connect it to my computer to be used by RMS Express email client and software modem WinMor.  From what I can see WinMor is really slow - almost as slow as the Teletype days of 110 baud - but it saves you the ripoff price of $1800 for a Pactor 4 modem.

Here is how it is done in very few words.  You have your Icom IC-7200, which has a USB output that is coupled to an internal sound card hardware and firmware that controls that hardware.  If you have a computer that has the WinMor software installed all you have to do is plug in the IC-7200 (USB type B plug) into the computer (USB type A connector).  The radio will do its radio thing and the computer will take the IC-7200 input/output, after a proper driver is correctly installed, pump it through the software modem and out the radio via the USB cable.

The RMS Express client is the software that generates a piece of email, puts that into an outbox, and sends that email via the software modem the USB cable and out the radio via whatever the RMS to the CMS station.  Well, it is not quite that simple but really it is.

You do not need a Signalink, a hardware modem or anything else but the IC-7200, USB Cable and a Computer of some sort with proper software installed.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New cockpit cover 4 Yellow

I have been thinking of a cockpit cover for Miss Yellow.  I could use a cheap tarp from Harbor Freight but they are usually blue.  A silver on might be OK but I would really like a snap rigged cover that is integrated with the boom.  I am thinking that I will install a topping lift on the boom and this will allow a multitude of options for a cover.

I actually have a real nice cover made from sunbrella and it is a harvest sort of stripe so I could cut this down but am hesitant to do so.  What I envision is a tent version using a topping lift support  but the tent will wrap the mast so as to form and enclosure for harsh weather.  The aft end will over hang the boom and be tied to a cleat near the tiller support.  This way I can close the tent so that in mosquito weather the critters can be thwarted as much as possible.

This is a work in progress but I will try to make it so!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Little Yellow 2015

It is getting time to splash Little Yellow for the summer season.  Several people from the community have told my sister they enjoy seeing it sail the mighty Pleasant Lake. The lake is actually pretty small and part of it is sheltered by the glacial moraine that formed it and the tall trees.  It is a tricky lake to sail and passage downwind is quick it is difficult to tack back to the other end and might take 10 direction changes to make the 1/2 mile trip.  You get to know your boat!

Little Yellow is an American Fiberglass 16' sailboat with swing keel and rudder.  I have a 2HP motor for those days I am impatient and it starts most of the time but not always - drat. This year I brought my 2.5HP 4 cycle Mercury  engine back that resides on a dingy for Inspiration II.  I want to exercise this engine as it has not seen too much use in the last 5 years.  I would guess it needs a carburetor  rebuild at the least.

Ok, it is time to get the day started and the car over for an oil change and the truck ABS diagnosed. Moore later.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A missive of today

As far as we know, Inspiration II is resting at peace in her slip with double lines tied to every possible cleat and position that does not violate nautical protocol.  Steve and others look after her and this gives us comfort.  I hear SAM rattling the dishes above and this means grub is coming soon. Thank God for wives who, doing there duty, with a smile produce food that is tasty and edible but tempsts the palate with things to come.  Thank you SAM.

Friday, April 10, 2015

R/V Arctic Discoverer

This ship was immediately adjacent to us all winter while we awaited the launch of Inspiration II. At first we did not know that this was a famous vessel. One day I was talking with Johnny and he told us a little about her. Later I looked her up and indeed, Johnny knew what he was saying. She was sold for scrap but she is still in the water and floating at Green Cove Springs near Reynolds Park Yacht Center.


We arrived back in Indiana yesterday about 1630 hours.  We quickly unpacked necessary stuff and sort of collapsed into a lethargic state for the rest of the night.  I turned on the Routers and Switches.  Lo and behold it all worked without fiddling.  I am now blogging on this same infrastructure.

Today is a clean up dat and so SAM is washing clothes and I unpacked a bit more from the vehicles.  Most of the rest of the items go into the building down by the lake to be saved for our Fall trip down to the boat.  We left a lot of items on the boat, however; Things like rope, lines and bulky heavier items.

Our truck with the camper on it broke down in Knoxville, TN and it took three days to repair it.  Fortunately, and totally unplanned, my sister was camping nearby so we spent the time with them touring the area that they know very well. We were in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Cades Cove and the Great Smokies. It was very, very crowded with Spring Break families so we did not cover a lot of territory or very fast.  Still it was fun to do this.  My highlight was visiting the Great Smokies Knife Shop in Seiverville. This is an amazing place with a Cabela's type venue.

The remainder of the trip from Tennessee to North Eastern Indiana was uneventful.  SAM & I shared driving of about 2 on and two off.  Still at the end-of-the-day, I was tired and not a little grumpy.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Long Driving Day

We left the marina on the St Johns near Green Cove Springs about 0600 hrs.  It was an overcast day, spitting rain every now and then but we encountered steady, heavy rain North of Dalton, GA.  This continued all the way to Knoxville, TN - in fact, it continues right now.  Actually, I was not quite as tired as i thought I would be so I decided to write this account of the trip.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

end of an Era: Season 2015

Almost packed and SAM is fidgeting about the boat like a Wendy Firefly from Peter Pan. Truck loaded - check. Car on dolly - check. Last minute preps done - check. Excess food - allocated to friends on other boats -check. Water tanks filled completely - check. Internet disconnected and router shut down - check. Battens, rope hooks, lines checked and photographed, My bike given away to worthy exersize guru - check, SAM's bike mounted on Civic - check, all worthy rugs and clothes in lock up storage - check. Still remaining lots of Tom Holland stuff and canvas repair by Dorthy. and the list goes on and on forever.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An evening wih friends

Jerry & Caroline made a special effort to visit with us yesterday afternoon and evening.  They came up from the Bradenton area.  We enjoyed chatting on various topics from airplanes to the controversial Indiana RFRA.  They stayed in the B&B at Green Cove Springs - I hope they stop by on the way back down to their house so they can tell me all about it.

We continue to visit and re-visit the items we will leave on the boat and that which we will take with us.  I would like to empty out as much as possible so that air flow can take place in this humid environment down here in Florida.  When we leave we will have two fans running on low while she is in the water.  The same thing on land if we can reach power somewhere.

Our truck to carry all the stuff is still not fixed and that is what we are waiting for.  When it is is done we will take a few days to pack it up and start the journey north.  Many things we brought down will return with us to Indiana - I guess I over thought and brought way too much.  All the HAM radio gear was a waste as I never even got close to firing up the gear.