Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Deep Breathing

What Deep Breathing Does to Your Body

For being free and incomparably easy to practice, deep breathing is a pretty miraculous healing exercise: It can reduce anxiety, bring you into the present moment through mindfulness, and even help you remember how to respond to your specific stressors.Follow the link below for much more detail.

Aircraft Noise Complaint Device

This is a very innovative device and just demonstrates how new technologies allow innovative thinkers develop useful devices.

Imagine you live close to a major airport, and since NextGen has changed many air routes in the last few years, a lot more noisy airplanes fly right over your house. Now it’s easy for those citizens to file a noise complaint — instead of facing hours of paperwork, they can just push a button on a thumb-size device like those used by Amazon shoppers to order household goods. Here is a link to the Air Noise website.

Airnoise button transparent