Monday, November 25, 2013

A water-less year - almost

Hi everyone!  Yes we are still here but it has been almost a water-less year and the 1913 summer season was filled with household chores, gardening and many other things local to our house in Indiana.  I did make a trip to Maryland to look at a Pearson 424 but after looking at these boats for a year, I have decided that this is not the boat for my next adventures.  My current focus is on the Whitby 42.  While in Maryland a friend of mine and I took a side trip to look at a Niagara 42 and a Whitby 42.  The Whitby was outfitted with windvane and most of the long haul conveniences.  The price was right too.  Now, how do I pry SAM away from the garden? 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SAM & I spent the day up in Saugatuck area and stopped by Tower Marine to pick up Bob Trotter.  Bob you may remember as the gentleman from NZ that purchased our boat Inspiration in the Fall of 2011.  Well, it seems that Bob was having a bit of an issue with the title so we took him to the Secretary of State facility and did some fancy footwork and he left with the title in hand and brand new stickers for the State of Michigan.  He was a happy man.

Bob says he will be leaving in July for the trip on the Great Lakes that will lead to the Hudson River and the Atlantic.  He mumbled something about seeing us in Florida at a certain marina that allows liveaboards while on the hard.  Maybe, just maybe, we will see him there.

Our boat search continues and I will not say too much about that at this time:  I have hope.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

When I read of other friends out upon the high seas I am so jealous.  We are still looking for the boat we want to spend the rest of our lives upon.  As we reflect on this subject it does not seem like a task that should cause us much problems.  Yet, it seems to be for us.  I guess it is all in the emotional bond that seems to form with a new boat.

I spent the afternoon reading of the email at sea subject.  There is Pactor for a fast expensive solution to email and small attachments to email.  Then there is the Winmor modulation alternative and this is encapsulated into RMS Express which allows telnet and Winmor plus the Pactor variants as well.  I am using this now via my PC and it works well as a store and forward system.

Since I am a technical oriented bloke, I think the Winmor sound card modulation method makes more sense for me.  Really, who wants to spend $1200+ for a Pactor 4 modem:  The SCS group could embrace us all but they seem to be targeting the commercial segment of the market?  In the end, it is all marketing strategy and their strategy does not apply to me.

Right now all I want is a HF radio that reaches out to any of the nodes that could be reached and when the new boat occurs we can move the station to the floating platform.  Ok, that is all for this Sunday evening.  Send me an email at as I like to meet new friends and just like to keep this active.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We have been looking for our new boat - without success - and recently traveled to Rhode Island to look at a Pearson 424.  I took a surveyor but within minutes determined that this was not the boat for us since everywhere we touched it needed a project of its own.  After determining we were not interested we asked the Broker from Bluenose if he could show us anything else.  He said he could and we went to Essex, CT and a small town in MA (I forget the name right now).  We looked at a Niagria 42 and a Whitby 42: I liked both.  The Niagria was out of my price range and the Whitby did not have a genset and A/C.

So it was back to Indiana and the Great Search to start again. In the mean time, I have become interested in ham radio and sending traffic at sea.  To this end I complied with the procedures and submitted for an email account.  I now have a way to receive email at sea and the address is - while not at sea I use RMS Express so feel free to start emailing me.  I check the email about once per day just as if I am at sea.

Keep me in your prayers so that I may find the passage maker of dreams and 73's to all.  Chuck.