Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SAM & I spent the day up in Saugatuck area and stopped by Tower Marine to pick up Bob Trotter.  Bob you may remember as the gentleman from NZ that purchased our boat Inspiration in the Fall of 2011.  Well, it seems that Bob was having a bit of an issue with the title so we took him to the Secretary of State facility and did some fancy footwork and he left with the title in hand and brand new stickers for the State of Michigan.  He was a happy man.

Bob says he will be leaving in July for the trip on the Great Lakes that will lead to the Hudson River and the Atlantic.  He mumbled something about seeing us in Florida at a certain marina that allows liveaboards while on the hard.  Maybe, just maybe, we will see him there.

Our boat search continues and I will not say too much about that at this time:  I have hope.

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