Monday, November 25, 2013

A water-less year - almost

Hi everyone!  Yes we are still here but it has been almost a water-less year and the 1913 summer season was filled with household chores, gardening and many other things local to our house in Indiana.  I did make a trip to Maryland to look at a Pearson 424 but after looking at these boats for a year, I have decided that this is not the boat for my next adventures.  My current focus is on the Whitby 42.  While in Maryland a friend of mine and I took a side trip to look at a Niagara 42 and a Whitby 42.  The Whitby was outfitted with windvane and most of the long haul conveniences.  The price was right too.  Now, how do I pry SAM away from the garden? 

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