Monday, October 31, 2016

A micro, small house

This is smaller than my boat and weighs much, much less.  For those who want a little getaway place out in the wilderness here you go.  A time away from the boat and if not then this will give you some ideas for others perhaps.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

No sails -->

I recently saw this on Facebook and though it was pretty good so I am placing here just so I do not lose track of it.  Right now it is 5 bells per my smartphone and I have become accustomed to the time by of when to eat and when to go to bed and the stares when it chimes in public.  If people smile I sort of have an idea that they were in the Navy or are sailors of some sort :)

I checked the rain gauge and we received 0.76 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.  Today, we have leaden skies and solid overcast with little wind.  The trees are colorful now and just beyond peak season.  Lots of leaves came down with the rain and wind of yesterday.  Soon we will be picking them up with the leaf vacuum and depositing them near the lakeshore where the leatherback turtles seem to enjoy them.  Actually, several water creatures seem to use them for a home over the winter.

Little Yellow is still up at the canvas shop and I have to go check on her today to see how long it will take to finish the new enclosed boom tent that we are having made: Should be pretty sweet when finished.

Besides s/v Delos we have started to Patreon sponsor yet another aspiring and industrious young couple, MJ Sailing, who are rebuilding their 37' aluminum sailboat getting her ready for an Arctic passage.    The first episode link is here  We will enjoy watching them grow in the video production element and the progress of their boat.

Ok, I need to get something done today: Moore later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Night after Night

just could not resist posting this and is my way of saving  things I want to keep.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Just something I saw and liked for the hope that it brings.

I am now reading "Scatter, Adapt and Survive" by Annalee Newitz. I am viewing this book as sort of a fictional opinion by an accomplished writer.  The reviews were sort of tough on her since the reviewers think she was writing from a scientific point of view.
There are some good points to be made in the book so far but my personal opinion is that Homo Sapien will not survive the coming 6th Mass Extinction.  However, we are a cleaver lot and there are a lot of us so maybe there will be a pocket or two of survivors.

I think those who do survive will be sailors of exceptional skills and luck with well equiped boats of 30 to 40 feet length and that can be safely handled by one person but with two people on board.  Larger vessels will require too much technology to keep in shape by small but relatively unskilled crews.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Little Yellow and Fall in Indiana

It is officially Fall here in NE Indiana.  Lots of rain this past week, about 2+ inches, leaden skies and cooler temperatures of low 50's at night and days in the 60's.  We hauled Little Yellow last week in glorious weather and trailered her to the pad at home and applied the IN numbers for the first time.  S couple of days later she was taken to the Angola Canvas shop to be fitted with a boom tent that is c;dosed at both ends.  The tent should keep out all the rain water plus if we ever take he to a different lake to sail we could do an overnight sleep over.  Here is what LY looks like pretty much as she sits now.

LY is a nice little sailboat for a nice little lake and is a good trainer as she overpowers easily and you had better be on your toes in variable wind conditions.  She will make headway in a breeze so light that you can hardly feel it but I think the best wind is 5-10 mph.  I re-rigged her to allow boom reefing by rolling up the sail.  The jib is a little too small at 90% so tacking through can be iffy at low forward speed.  Like I said - a good trainer.

LY is now at the canvas shop getting a tent cover made, fitted and installed.  I will so enjoy not having to go down after each rain to bail her out.  I had the tent made closed at both ends so if we get caught out on some of the bigger lakes up North then we could be out of the elements for the over night stay.  The cockpit padding is such that it would be a long night for us olddies.

We are starting to think of southerly waters but still have a lot to do here in non-nautical areas: Cutting trees, splitting wood and the Fall leaves that always seem to drop about mid November or earlier.  Cheers.