Friday, April 17, 2015

Little Yellow 2015

It is getting time to splash Little Yellow for the summer season.  Several people from the community have told my sister they enjoy seeing it sail the mighty Pleasant Lake. The lake is actually pretty small and part of it is sheltered by the glacial moraine that formed it and the tall trees.  It is a tricky lake to sail and passage downwind is quick it is difficult to tack back to the other end and might take 10 direction changes to make the 1/2 mile trip.  You get to know your boat!

Little Yellow is an American Fiberglass 16' sailboat with swing keel and rudder.  I have a 2HP motor for those days I am impatient and it starts most of the time but not always - drat. This year I brought my 2.5HP 4 cycle Mercury  engine back that resides on a dingy for Inspiration II.  I want to exercise this engine as it has not seen too much use in the last 5 years.  I would guess it needs a carburetor  rebuild at the least.

Ok, it is time to get the day started and the car over for an oil change and the truck ABS diagnosed. Moore later.

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