Saturday, April 18, 2015

New cockpit cover 4 Yellow

I have been thinking of a cockpit cover for Miss Yellow.  I could use a cheap tarp from Harbor Freight but they are usually blue.  A silver on might be OK but I would really like a snap rigged cover that is integrated with the boom.  I am thinking that I will install a topping lift on the boom and this will allow a multitude of options for a cover.

I actually have a real nice cover made from sunbrella and it is a harvest sort of stripe so I could cut this down but am hesitant to do so.  What I envision is a tent version using a topping lift support  but the tent will wrap the mast so as to form and enclosure for harsh weather.  The aft end will over hang the boom and be tied to a cleat near the tiller support.  This way I can close the tent so that in mosquito weather the critters can be thwarted as much as possible.

This is a work in progress but I will try to make it so!

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