Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An evening wih friends

Jerry & Caroline made a special effort to visit with us yesterday afternoon and evening.  They came up from the Bradenton area.  We enjoyed chatting on various topics from airplanes to the controversial Indiana RFRA.  They stayed in the B&B at Green Cove Springs - I hope they stop by on the way back down to their house so they can tell me all about it.

We continue to visit and re-visit the items we will leave on the boat and that which we will take with us.  I would like to empty out as much as possible so that air flow can take place in this humid environment down here in Florida.  When we leave we will have two fans running on low while she is in the water.  The same thing on land if we can reach power somewhere.

Our truck to carry all the stuff is still not fixed and that is what we are waiting for.  When it is is done we will take a few days to pack it up and start the journey north.  Many things we brought down will return with us to Indiana - I guess I over thought and brought way too much.  All the HAM radio gear was a waste as I never even got close to firing up the gear.  

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