Monday, April 27, 2015

I have been spending most of my free time in researching various boat oriented systems.  If I think they are interesting to me for future applications i put them on the blog WaterManWater over at Tumblr.

Today, I was back on the Icom IC-7200 and how to connect it to my computer to be used by RMS Express email client and software modem WinMor.  From what I can see WinMor is really slow - almost as slow as the Teletype days of 110 baud - but it saves you the ripoff price of $1800 for a Pactor 4 modem.

Here is how it is done in very few words.  You have your Icom IC-7200, which has a USB output that is coupled to an internal sound card hardware and firmware that controls that hardware.  If you have a computer that has the WinMor software installed all you have to do is plug in the IC-7200 (USB type B plug) into the computer (USB type A connector).  The radio will do its radio thing and the computer will take the IC-7200 input/output, after a proper driver is correctly installed, pump it through the software modem and out the radio via the USB cable.

The RMS Express client is the software that generates a piece of email, puts that into an outbox, and sends that email via the software modem the USB cable and out the radio via whatever the RMS to the CMS station.  Well, it is not quite that simple but really it is.

You do not need a Signalink, a hardware modem or anything else but the IC-7200, USB Cable and a Computer of some sort with proper software installed.

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