Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunshine & 49±°F

I was out early this morning and the air was crisp.  The boat heater ran all night from about 0100 hours right up to the time I shut it off. It must be cold since the aft hatches were sweating.  The forward one did not sweat because of constant air movement generated by the heater.

Yesterday we bought a couple of the less expensive Walmart 12" fans.  We are going to try an experiment to see if the air movement helps the boat while we are away.  Carey wants the boat in the water until June.  In theory, the fans should help move air through the nooks and crannies during this period.  We shall see on that account.

The day was cool but perfect: SAM went to her "sale" with me in tow.  Afterwards it was Walmart to see what 5 1/4" radio speakers they had - not much as it turns out.  From there it was Radio Shack who was closing that day: They had nothing left in the entire store.  Back at the boat we had a visit from a broker and his client but I was too busy trying to fix a shower leak.  This will have to wait until have a positive shutoff valve, new shower head, hose and mount bracket.

Yesterday, we moved the cockpit cushions to storage and will continue to move fabric covered pads there as well.

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