Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sailing friends have come and gone

Our sailing friends from up north have come and gone.  What a blessing they were.  First, they are boat people and know the rules.  Second, they match our personalities well.  Unfortunately, Kathleen was down with a cold that had that deep lung sound when she coughed.  We all felt bad for her.

D & K had the forward stateroom and the separate head was nice to have and it added a modicum of privacy.  It was cold and rainy during their stay but we stayed warm and visited many local venues and, of course, Sailor's Exchange in St. Augustine. Dan did a lot of work on the boat and this was a real help.  He also found the stanchion thru bolts and tightened them. I need to make some backing plates so I can put a little more pressure on the stanchions.

All too soon it came time for them to depart for their home up in Michigan.  We were sad to see them leave and wished they could stay another weeks or so. 

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