Tuesday, March 17, 2015

At a snail's pace

We have been slowly doing things on the boat.  The weather outside has not been real conducive to motivate us.  There are tons of little chores and bright work to do.  We have found problems at every turn and almost every major system needs attention but most are not a real big deal.

1. We have been up the mast and replaced the spreader lamps with NAPA 4411 bulbs and re-connectorized the ring terminals.
2. While up there we checked the spreader and somone had put a galvanized bolt in place of the stainless steel and not it is totally frozen in place.
3. The main halyard is frayed and needs to be replaced.  I have to measure the length and order that too.
4. The Steaming Light lens is broken and needs replaced and is on order.
5. The Stern White Light needs replaced and it is on order
6. Safety lines need replaced.  I need to characterize and order them.
7. I want to order a new Raritan PHII 1200CW assembly and replace the current on.  Later I will try to rebuild it as a spare but it is a 1200W unit and the plunger may have worn too big of a hole.

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