Monday, January 11, 2016

Punchlist 2015 & GCS area

We are back on the boat in Green Cove Springs and have been here about a month so far.  December saw record heat and very nice temperatures with little rain.  Our arrival was characterized by lots of energy and this has been slowly slowed down as we get in the groove.  Our big plans have been scaled back and new items for the punchlist have appeared so we have thrown the script to the wind and sill just go with the flow of work to be done and enjoy the weather we have. The people staying our house while we are gone have said the weather is pretty brutal up North.  So, with the old 2015 punchlist of items below that are completed we will generate a new punchlist for Winter 2016.

The 2015 punchlist of items has been whittled down and are generally listed below:

  • rebuild the fwd/aft head single handle sink faucets with Delta parts.  DONE
  • rebuild the fwd head single handle shower faucet.  DONE
  • install new aft shower single handle faucet and adjust water temperature valve to 105 deg F.  DONE
  • replace all aft head lines with new white no smell ones and clean holding tank. DONE
  • replace fwd/aft head overboard through hulls with new brass ball valves. DONE
  • install new lines on fwd/aft head overboard lines.  DONE
  • Install new lens in aft cabin large hatch ( both are done now aft).
  • Inspect and replace spreader bolts in mast
The 2016 Punclist will be the topic of another blog post since I want to eat dinner and do some other important stuff.  BFN.  Pictures will come later.

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