Sunday, January 31, 2016

End of January

Here it is!  The end of January and it will never be repeated again in the timeline of history.  It is a day that is overcast and cool with not too much wind.  SAM is down in the marina clubhouse cooking up some goodies for this evenings movie.  We think it will be a good one but then again there can be surprises - "War Room".

I have been perusing eBay trying to find a sheath for the old Leatherman Super Tool.  I have become used to using a Leatherman knock-off for a couple of years and it is used almost every day for something.  So I brought out the real thing that I have had in the car for years.

The Leatherman story began about 1996 in Detroit.  I had the honor of leading the team that integrated the big, big ITS system in the metro area for a major Aerospace design company.  Our
team used leatherman's  for use at the top of towers were climbed to commission and repair equipment.  Well, one day a guy named Chris B. left his somewhere and it was never found.  Some years later, I was climbing up to the top of a tower and reached the equipment box near the 40' level and guess what I found?  Chris's Leatherman and it was in nearly perfect shape with no rust or corrosion at all!  The salt environment of close to the Detroit freeways in the winter is incredible and that is a testament to Leatherman quality.  Chris was off the project somewhere else for our company so I inherited his Super Tool and that is the rest of the story.

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