Thursday, January 14, 2016

Propane: We bit the bullet

I have been dancing around the subject.  The propane smell has been emanating from the propane locker.  I really did not think itwas that bad but a full tank of LPG escaped in 8 days. Time to get worried and shut off the gas and get some parts.  The Admiral says no amateur work on this so we have another punchlist item for Holland Marine.  I went to West Marine to see what they had and made a list of the 4 parts I need.  Cost is about $250.  Now to get this scheduled this quick so I can get food made on-board.  Wow, boats will be boats and there is no rest for captains.

We ate Middle Eastern today at a little strip mall near Flemming Island.  I had Hummus and Grapeleaves.  SAM had Tabbouleh and Hummus.  It was good and made the trip to West Marine one without hunger.  Later SAM went to look for some new shoes.

Right now I am watching a DVD from the library called "Argo" and listening to the real helicopters flying overhead. It is about President Carter, Iran and the hostage situation.  By today's standards thiis is real tame stuff.  Today the whole 60 hostages would be dead ducks, fodder for the television viewers.  Oh well, enough of that.

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