Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 7: GCS

Well, this is Friday and we talked with Holland Marine about the total billing hours for the deck repair and it is about 50 so we are on track at the $70/hr labor rate.  Now comes the rework of the fore deck to correct the lousy painting job and blushing that somehow occurred. tom said he would correct it and his staff said it would be done at no charge.  This time it would be done with a bit more nap.

We spent a lot of time going thru lockers and pitching a lot of gear that was too mildewed or rough to keep.  several old life vests with no numbers or legible print on the lable --> out. Lots of line from the old Inspiration made their way to the boat and so did the Fortress 23 and hard laid 100± Ft of Rode.  Judging by some of the dock lines we saw, these new lines will be welcome.

One locker on the Stbd side smelled particularly strong - not too objectionable but definitely like stron polishing wax.  We emptied two hard cases of items and more or less stowed them.  we have a lot of stuff on board now.

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