Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 9: GCS

We awoke late but it actually was early since it was Fall back night.  Had my oat meal with berries and nuts then went over to the boat to check on the batteries charging state --> still at 7.5 amps.  Ok, folks I think I have 4 bad house batteries all ater 12VDC and all are West Marine 75 AH for a total of 300 Amp Hours.  I have to stope over as soon as I get through writing this missive and shut the charger off.  No sense in boiling the cells dry.  My old Youngsun had the same issue and it was bad cells for all batteries.  That was a $500 bill right there.  So much for a perfect boat - ha, ha.

I talked with Jerry after I determined this to get the size of a 6 VDC 225Amp Hr battery and it looked as if it might fit but it will be close.  Four golf cart batteries would give me 450 AH for about the same price ( I think).  I am going to go to an automotive place to get the size tomorrow.  This is all in the planning phase and I will need new cables too so read the package as expensive.

Oh, BTW, SAM did the toilet bowl cleaner trick and the white water line is white again not a deep rust color.  SAM has other improvements in store for the viewing eye.  All my stuff costs a lot and you cannot see the results of PM and Repair work so I am the bad guy and she is the white hat.

I cannot go on - Moore later.

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