Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 6: GCS

Today started like the days before.  Sort of sleepy, casual breakfast and then a trip to the clubhouse to make coffee.  After that, things sort of went into super motion and here it is time for lunch and I have done nothing except chat with the other sailors.

I guess I should not have said I have accomplished nothing but to as much as I dreamed about the night before.  I have these dreams about work to be done on the boat.  They are clear, precise dreams.  Then I awake and all the dreams evaporate into nothingness since I cannot remember them.  I am left with an empty day.

I did research and found the old supplier I used to replace EPIRB batteries. Unfortunately, I did not remember the prices correctly and I was "sticker shocked" to the point I called them to see if I remembered incorrectly.  I guess I remembered incorrectly.  Bottom Line: EPIRB battery replacement is $250± but that is half the price of a new one. I need to order new fire extinguishers, CO detectors and smoke alarms for the boat too.  This is one item that may not wait since it is a critical safety item.

Yesterday, SAM & I talked with Tom about the bad deck paint job.  It is so bad that it called question into my mind if this guy is as good as his reputation and prices justify.  He said he would fix it but he is charging by the hour so what does he care?  One can only hope that he is like I am with my customers - a complain gets fixed for free.  It may be a satisfactory transaction or it may be an expensive but valuable lesson.  Time will tell on that one.

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