Friday, October 3, 2014

Trials, Tribulations and Indiana

The past couple of weeks have been trying.  For several months I have had a cyst on my eye - not the eyelid variety but right on the eye - and the Doctor recommended it be removed.  Last Monday it was removed and it was not a pleasant experience requiring five stitches.  So, this week was spent sitting in the darkened room, applying a thick ointment and listening to music, books on tape plus Pandora music and minimal computer work.  Today the stitches came out and there was instant relief and renewed vision.  Life is good again.

Today I listened to the podcast on in which SV Delos was featured.  It was a long podcast but I was entranced through the whole thing.  Previously, I had watched the complete Youtube series of svdelos.  What a group.  Many of the videos are pretty good and there is enough lost that the imagination fills in the glamorous extras.  The podcast fills in the human and financial aspects.  Watch all the Youtube videos (approximately 20) and if you like them then go to the podcast.  I wish I could join them in our boat s/v Inspiration II.  Alas, time and human frailties may not permit.

 I spent the afternoon working on the IRLP node for Inspiration II.  Details are discussed in the link above so I will not repeat here.

As I close this log, I will say that the direction of particular blog will be to document sailing and water related adventures, great and small, and our Tumblr blog will be more practical ship specific items related to the operation, maintenance and systems of s/v Inspiration II.

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