Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 3: Green Cove Springs

We have been here at the boat now for about three days.  Enroute we had a brake failure in Tennessee and were there two days waiting for the truck to be fixed: we spent some time exploring Knoxville and found to be interesting but one has to search out things to do,  We went downtown to the 1982 Worlds Fair site and walked the park and climbed the big sun ball. We are now living in the truck camper and it is not real comfortable.

Inspiration II is still in the yard and we visit daily and do small items.  Mostly we have slowly unloaded all the items we think we will need down here this winter. This is pretty boring reading. Somewhere we lost a day as we thought it was Saturday and it was really Sunday.  We have met several sailor couples at the club house. Yesterday I re-tightened the belts on the generator and propulsion engines. Now I have to check the oil and figure out how to work the oil change/drain pumps. It is complicated without the boat in the water but that will be in December.

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