Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sturday & Sunday: Overcast, Humid, Warm

We started the day as usual, each with our own tiny agenda and progressed from the morning to afternoon and now early evening.  The rains came this afternoon, heavy at times, and it has been a while so it was sort of a novelty.  I was working on the boat cutting off teak plugs from the eyebrows when I felt the first drops and it rapidly progressed to light rain.  The tools were collected and dried, put in the cockpit and I started to wait it out. Well, it has more or less rained all afternoon but I did have time to fill the boat tanks and it took about 8 minutes so that was approximately 80 gallons or 20 gallons per day.  Now I am watching SAM fix dinner.

Yesterday was a good day.  We finished the caulking on the eyebrow and a few other little tasks in that area.  Afterwards,SAM went to the store to buy some food and I changed the switch on the overhead light at the Nav Station.  After we were both here for a short time we discussed the Refrigerator and how it needed to be defrosted.  With an hour and a half available we started the process.  Man did it need defrosting.  The ice was an inch and a half in parts.  Then it was time to prep for the dinner at the clubhouse to which we were invited.  The hostess was Dee and she was cleaning out the refrigerator for the end of their season, which is next Tuesday.  What a good time we had - Frank/Dee/Garnet of xxxxx, Richard & wife of Three Quarter Time and us of Inspiration II - with the evening filled with laughs and lots of pasta. 

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