Thursday, March 17, 2016

Boat Delivery - Ortega Landing Marina

This morning bright and early we took off with s/v Tuktu & Capt Rockwood to deliver boat to Ortega Landing Marina on the Ortega River.  It was a short fun delivery and afterwards we went out for lunch in Avondale area of South Jacksonville. The marine water was so shallow that we had to work pretty hard to reverse pretty hard to get into the slip.  The west wind plus low tide made the water almost too low for the 5' keel Tartan.  They may have to start dredging one of these fine days.

As I write it is raining at a moderate rate and steadily.  I think this will continue for some hours.  This is the first real long rain we have had for a long time.  Maybe the river will rise a bit.  I just awoke from a short nap and it was welcome.  I'll just finish the coffee pick-me-up and pop a couple Kraft Carmel's - good to go.

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