Sunday, March 6, 2016

Started Eyebrow Reinstall

We started the reinstall of the eyebrow today.  I made the port side forward section and it went pretty smoothly, including the teak plugs.  The small angle section of the stbd side was made as a trial run but I did not install the plugs.  I want to wait until I get to the hardware to get the #10x3/4 pan and flathead screws plus the plastic head hammer ( for the teak plugs).

Randy, of Mañana, was doing some epoxy work with West System 407 thickener that was just starting to kick and I cleaned out his cup and tried applying to a hollow spot on the back side of the teak.  Well, we messed and messed with it has it got harder but it still was running so we turned it face down on a plastic squeege in hopes it would make a flat surface to start sanding on.  We will see tomorrow how it looks. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again so we will continue the reinstall of the eyebrow.

The Stainless Steel rub rail for the wear spots of the cap rail are cut and ready for install.  I am still contemplating whether to install them or not.  I think it would look good - I will think about it - but there is no rush since our season is ending in 6 weeks±. I do not want to start any more projects and we have one big one on the taks list that we will have to hire out.

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