Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Warm, Muggy and El Faro

The morning of rain and moderate temperatures has evolved into a warm to hot afternoon with humidity.  Today was pretty much a wash as far as working on the boat.  I did buy some used stainless steel rub, hollow back rub rail to use on the cap rail to keep chafe down  with the mid-ship cleat spring lines.  I also bought a piece 11' long for $22 at Monkey Fist.  Then went to the hardware and purchased 100 each of #8x3/4" pan heads and oval heads for various projects.

Now I am back at the boat writing blogs, emails and opening hatches to keep the temperature down.  At lunch today on the boat we had leftover chicken sandwiches and watched the inquirery questions on the El Faro sinking.  From the questions asked it seems to me that, while knowledgeable, the boat discipline was pretty relaxed and the lack of checklists  and emergency procedures bordered on incompetence.  The previous Mate answered the question well, I thought.  Being a sea going type I had an interest in the proceedings.

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