Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rain this morning

It started raining last night late.  I awoke, sleepy, knowing I had to do something besides hitting the head.  The drops on the floor of the head informed me that I must close the hatch.  With the hatch closed and other duties performed, I laid back down and was fast asleep in seconds.

When I awoke at 0700 there were rain drops falling off the boom and striking the cabin top.  I dreamed around for a while and tided up from the nights sleep.  Now it is time to go to the "breakfast club", a title by which the morning coffee bunch are known, and make up today's plans.

One thing on the list is to go to Monkey Fist and get some smaller rub rail sections to protect the teak cap rail from the wear that the spring lines are giving her.  I know I have some of these on the boat but I have not found them so far.  Maybe SAM can find them?  Younger eyes see better than these old cataract prone, myopic ones do that is for sure.

Overcast, rainy, barometer is 1014 mb, light winds steady from the ENE.   Gotta go to the club - see you later.

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