Monday, February 22, 2016

Boat work: Inspiration II

The past 4 days have been very nice and we have been in shorts and T's.  Mostly I have been working on the port side and that is the dock side of the boat - lucky us.  The cap rail has several scarf joints and I re-sealed those plus the port side cap rail has been re-sealed on the deck side with 3M 4000UV.  This work is pretty much done.  The only remaining is to do the same on the stbd side.  We are still contemplating finishing the cap rail with Cetol.

I have some work on the eyebrow to prep it for the first coat of Cetol.  After that we will reinstall the eyebrow.  This should be a couple of days work.  After this we should be able to put on the final 2 coats of Cetol and a coat of glossy.

The remainder of this week looks like it its being taken up with other work and bad weather rolling in.  Our friends from Michigan called and said they would stop by on Tuesday of next week,  The season end is rolling around for us too fast.

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