Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our sailing redefined

I need to change the title of the previous missive from Housekeeping to Our boat redefined.  I have done this and now we are ready to proceed to Our Sailing Re-defined.  The redefinition may not really be how we sail and cruise but in terms of sailing grounds it is a redefinition.  We were Lake Michigan based and really love it but as time progresses we want to spend time at the old homestead in the summer and more time in warmer climes in the winter. 

To start we will be in the Florida Gulf area and migrate as the season and inclination dictate.  The season start will be after the end of November hurricanes and end with the greening of grass in the northern spring.  Summer up north will mean gardens and mowing grass and some kayaking and general playing around on the rivers and lakes.  Deep Fall will end with leaves being raked and burned and culminate with family Thanksgiving dinner.

Winter will be time to re-board the boat for adventures where ever.  We enjoy a life evolving and revolving around the saltwater.  However, we must get a new platform for our lives to begin "down there".  This winter will be spent searching for the basis of the new platform. 

At this moment we are biding our time but have looked at one new boat possibility - a Pearson 424 Sloop.  It looks pretty good but lacks many of our wish list features above.  There appear to be better prospects but they may be an illusion.

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