Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our boat Re-defined

I rerouted my virtualmoore.com to point to this blog. Before it just pointed to my namesake site when I closed down the original VM website.

We have been looking at Morgan 44, Pearson 40, Pearson 424/422 and other cruising sailboats. Our old bluewater cruiser was in the 350 wt/waterline class but we want something a bit lighter and a USA nmanufactured boat. This sort of reduces the playing field. Now it is just how much to spend and finding a good example that has the most of what we want.

  • We want fresh water and lots of it - like 200 gallons or more - so big tanks and a water maker are in order.
  • We want a usable shower that does not take 30 minutes to clean up and one we can stand comfortably in with a high enough sill that a mini-bathtub is possible.
  • We want lots of diesel fuel (100 gallons or more).
  • We want lots of Amp-Hours of batteries with a Genset, Solar Panels and Wind Generators to recharge them.
  • We want a powered windlass with a battery forward to power it.
  • We want all chain rode with many anchor variations to hold use in bad weather.
  • We want an enclosed bimini for those rainy days and cold weather.
  • We want a diesel fuel heater for the cold days.
  • We want a sound hull and moisture free decks with little or no teak to maintain.
  • Another important factor is a skegged rudder with a large finned shallow draft keel.

Ok, now that we have said all this, you must think it impossible. Wrong, several boats we have looked at have most of these items. Why do we want this? Because we live onboard for 6 - 7 months a year (and have for the past 6 years) so we know what we want and what it takes to be comfortable as a couple in these close quarters year after year. I'll try another installment later as the First Mate is getting dinner ready and I do not want to be late.

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