Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just a little while

Ok, I'll admit tht I totally forgot I had a blogger account. So here I am going through my Google stuff and lo & behold this blog pops up. I guess I will update it a bit. We still have the kayaks - all of them - but we sold the sailboat, thank God, and are now looking for one that fits the lazy, live-aboard, cruise once-in-a-while mode we have adopted while living onboard for 6 months a year.

In the previous life we were on Lake Michigan and we like it just fine but the house is a stumbling block. So goodbye LM and hello FL. The boat we are looking for needs to be big enough to live full time aboard and have quiet time staterooms. The biggest feature is that it needs to sail well in lighter airs of say 1okts. Our previous boat did not even begin to move until 10 kts plus it plowed through the waves instead of floating through them.

OK, I have to go but I will try to return more ofter to thrill you with life's adventures.

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