Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Little Yellow - a day sail

Somehow, the summer slipped away from me.  I have not done much in the way of sailing; however, I did go out this last week for a couple of hours.  She sailed well but on the small lake we have her on a lot of tacking is done.  The lake residents like to see me out on the lake watching me making 10 tacks to get back to the up wind end of the lake.  I need to get her on a much larger lake so I can have a half hour of so sail without tacking. 

The meeting went well and we discussed the current Florida and Caribbean situation as relates to the hurricane damage.  Almost everyone had a friend with damage  or sustained damage themselves.  A real tragedy that is for sure.

We are looking for another sailboat in the 35-38' range - something like a Pearson 365 to Erickson 38 style - around $35K±.  This is a bad year to do this with all the damage and boat loss but here we are and running out of years to boot.  Ah well, it is life.  Cheers for now.