Thursday, August 24, 2017

A slice of my previous life

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This morning it was high winds, intermittant rain and overcast grey skies.  This afternoon it was sunny skies and moderate wind and falling temperatures.  As usual on Sunday it was church in the morning and a little bit of work in the afternoon.  I did a bit of repair of the cabinet closures and looked for some more on the internet.  I did find some very similar replacements and this is good.  I then logged the find in the blog for my future review.

My afternoon was slow but I did go to Monkey Fist to try and scrounge some stainless steel tubing to act as legs for the saloon table legs when it is expanded.  The first part was successful and the second part, implementation, was partially successful.  OK, the deal is that the 26" was a bit too long with the plastic feet installed.  The end tables sloped a bit upwards and I had two choices: the first was to cut off the tubing to less that 26" and the second was to raise the table.  Guess what won?  We raised the table 3/4"  and all was fine.  Now all I have to do is find the one missing foot from the new table legs. :)

It is going to be cold from what the weather forecasters are saying.  Reports from Indiana say in the single digits and colder. Right now I hear the cycling of the reverse cycle heater on the boat.  The barometer fell rapidly this morning around sunrise and then started climbing.  The wind was up and somewhat variable since the boat was first close to the dock and later farther away.

Near sunset the son of the new owner of Quest went out to start flying his Phantom III Standard.  I the quadcopter costs around $500 and is quite a bargain since last year it was double that figure.  In spite of the 15 mph winds the copter was able to hoover and fly and be stable.  Wow, what a deal.  Mom, I want one!

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