Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lost PLB

This morning I started organizing the nautical equipment.  I found my two inflatable offshore pfd and checked the strobe and whistle for each so that was a big find.  I thought the personal locator beacon was in the bag but I did not find it.

Later this afternoon, after we cut the tree, split a cord of wood and delivered it, I looked again.  No joy - so where is that thing?  I sort of recollect we had it packed into a bag that we took when we went to Kenosha to look at a Catalina.  If that is the case then it may have taken flight or it could be one of those "I'll put it just where I will find it" kind of deals.  Anyway, I will have a few days to look for it.

I want to organize all the lines and fenders and tools so I can find them quickly when needed.  My tools are scattered about the Technical Room, The Garage and the Barn.  At least most of them are in one of three canvas bags - one bag for Imperial tools, one for metric and one for misc screwdrivers, pliers, snips and punches.  Oh ya, there is a fourth bag with my drill and bits.  So if I grab those 4 bags I have 95% of what I need for most common nautical issues.  Thank heavens Harbor Freight is close to most places where I need them for the other 5%.

My absolute most hand tool kit is the Sears screwdriver set that has most common sizes of torx, Phillips, Flat and square bits for the magnetic screwdriver.  That kit today is about $69.00 but I have had it for 30 years or more and it was $21 when I bought it and I thought it was outrageous then to pay that price. Some of the original bits are still in the kit.

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