Tuesday, November 29, 2016

P303: A day on the water

We were up and at the boat about 0800 hrs and the action of the survey got started right away.  As expected everyone was on their best behavior.  So with minimal fanfare we headed out to the marina to have her hauled.  The bottom looked pretty good and percussion testing proved it was.  The boat was put into the water and we went out to sail.  The boat sailed like a dream and was easy to handle but the main sail was sort of blown out and we did not sail on all points, in spite of my request, so the test was a bit jaded.

The day was marvelous and SAM did not get seasick so it was worth the haul fee.  The surveyor had some positive things to say about the boat but there were some down sides too - expensive downsides - so I guess we will have to face the music and say this boat is not for us and perhaps the model too. We were thinking we would leave early and go see our friends in Green Cove Springs then head back to Indiana.  Bummer.

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