Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The big re-shuffle

That time finally came to clean out my little corner of the Family Room.  The impetus initially came from my sister who called and said "Come and get the grandfather's desk we have been storing for

you".  Ok, fair enough so SAM & I went over and loaded it up and brought it home to the up north house.  It really looks nice in the selected spot.

Since I was on a roll, the next project was to clean up the work station area.  I consolidated the work station, a monster Dell Precision with 32Gb RAM & two Xeon Quad core 3 Gig processors, and a backup quad core used in emergencies.  I put it together as an extended desktop on the Monster and robbed the speaker system from another system.  This allowed me to remove a
table and put it into the newly completed Technical Room.

So now I will show you a bad picture of the work station area.  The Family Room now looks a lot better but the dark paneling has to be lightened up.  Enter SAM into the equation, SAM likes to paint so spent the entire afternoon putting paint sample is various areas to check the colors. 

We may have this place ready for who knows what in the near future.  We were thinking of an AirBnB to supplement our sailing habit.  Certain people I know use only AirBnB for their travel lodging.  Thanks for reading:  Moore later.

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