Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Still looking for a boat

On and off due to constraints to my time I am looking for a boat.  the ones that come to mind are Catalina 30 diesel, Pearson 303 and Pearson 28-2.

The Catalina 30 has a lot of room below but is low on fuel/water tankage at 10/20 gallons.  Plus the lift pump seems to be a failure area and with no bilge to speak of it is sort of iffy except for coastal day-sailing in good weather.  However, it would suit us just fine as a live aboard for the winter season.

I sort of like the layout of the 28-2 but everyone I have seen has leaks around the Stbd side portlight aft by the nav station.  It seems suspicious that all would have these leaks.

All-in-all it seems like the Pearson 303 (pictured) may be the keeper in this whole deal but it is the most expensive.So I guess I just cannot win them all and have to choose the lesser of three evils.  This vessel has the most tankage of them all and for some reason this is important to me.

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