Thursday, July 23, 2015

Inspiration II on the hard

Inspiration:  Our punch list of items to repair is with the Holland Marine but the work on her will not start until November according to Hal & Tom.  The punch list is up to 16 items - some smaller and some medium sized jobs.  I do not think there are any real biggies.  I no longer do above deck and masthead items since it strains things that do not like to be strained.  Perhaps after the physical therapy I can do some of this again.  I miss climbing towers and masts.

This Summer up North here in Indiana is going quickly.  Yesterday we put out a new Hummingbird feeder which has been discovered and visited quite often by a solo female.  New visitors are welcome of course.

We just finished up our work at the 4H Fair and I would call it moderately successful.  We did get to make a round of the animal barns but there were no chicken exhibitions this year due to the Avian Flu outbreak here in Indiana.  The weather could have hardly been better - clear skies, breeze and zero rain.

We will go up to Michigan next week to see our sailing friends in Saugatuck.  We will have a report on that later.  Blueberries are will be ripe and I hope to pick a bunch of Jersey BB's.  Maybe 10# worth. Moore later.

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