Sunday, December 7, 2014

When Posts are few and far between

We are here in Florida and the weather has been cool to cold up here in Jacksonville.  The boat was not ready when we arrived but we added a few jobs and found a lot more work to do.  That is why my posts will be few and far between.  I suspect this may continue for the next month.

Today we spent the whole day hand polishing the port side of the boat.  We were almost finished but it started raining and getting colder and we terminated the day with about 8' to go.  Tomorrow forcast is not that good either so we may work below decks.

I charged the batteries again with the same results: the battery voltage is about 12.7 unloaded.  The cells were bubbling away and the charge voltage of 13.35 VDC @ 8 amps continous.  To me that means the batteries are bad.  Now to find batteries.

I was going to change to golf cart batteries but may put 12VDC batteries in instead.  I am doing research now.

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