Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Boat almost buffed

Today we almost finished half of the starboard side of the boat.  Sunday we finished the port side but it was less weathered and easier to hand rub the finish with 3M Restorer.  This evening my neck is a bit stiff from the circular movement for several hours.  SAM made a great dinner and we enjoyed it inside the RV we have been living in.

It appears it might be several weeks before we splash since SAM want to be done with her bright work first.  We are making progress with various tasks.  Yesterday, Monday, we mapped the battery connections end to end.  This involved cutting a bunch of zip ties and contorting ones self into the engine compartment.  Now we know the schematic we can modify it if we want to change to 4 - 6VDC golf cart batteries.

We are becoming sceptical since everything we touch needs repair and the task is almost overwhelming plus expensive.  Oh well, we did not want to cruise this year anyway.

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