Sunday, August 17, 2014

Several months into the future from last post

We have been busy this summer and now that it is almost over I'll write a bit.  We are the official owners of Inspiration II (old Con El Viente) and are planning winter now.  I must admit that our site is seeing more posts than this one.  I am not too sure why but that is the way it happened.

I came across this site this afternoon and have watched most of the Youtubes to date. is about a sailboat travels from Australia to Indonisia to Malaysia and probably onward.  A well written blog and Youtube videos are pretty good too. Makes me wish I were 40 years younger.

We are sailing our Little Yellow this summer on Pleasant Lake and that has been a blast.  It is a 16' American Fiberglass and has a battened main with a nice jib that helps tack around.  I think the main is a tad too big but I am going to experiment a bit by shortening it a bit by taking one wrap around the boom.  Other than that she is a small sloop with a tiller and all the features and sheets of a bigger boat.

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