Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A slow, slow summer

I am so sorry for neglecting this blog.  I splashed Little Yellow this spring but have not used her very much.  The new cover works well but it takes so much time to put the cover on an off its use for summer sailing is pretty much a no-go.

Every year we make some refinements to the rig and install this or that cleat.  The new plan is to use a trolling motor instead of the 2.5HP 4 cycle Mercury.  The trolling motor will be more reliable in the long run and for my small size lake it would be perfect.

We continue to look for the perfect last boat.  Right now my sights are set on a Pearson 365.  However, I have looked at only one boat and that one was over priced so I just dropped the interest.  Anyway, at least I have an idea where I want to go.  Moore later.

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