Sunday, December 11, 2016

Energizer Bunny feeling

The last two days I have had a fit of energy and am making Monkey Fists and paracord bracelets and just tying knots in general.  There should be lots of gifts for the grandchildren that they may not appreciate until they are 40+ years old.  I have had this paracord just sitting in a box awaiting a new project.  Believe it or not but I like the camo paracord the best for most projects and then comes white and then black.

As I sit here awaiting Christmas, I am watching the snow build outside.  The snow has been coming down for about two days now - sometimes light and other times moderate - and has accumulated 4". The barometer is about 29.98" and was falling rapidly and we have a SE wind about 7 Kt.  I do not want to go out and make tracks in the snow that will be hard to plow later.  So we sit here in our cocoon but I really wish we were on the water in FL. 

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