Friday, February 13, 2015

Another bright, sunny work day

The day dawned for us at 0830.  I made the daily Oatmeal breakfast for the both of us and put the obligatory nuts, cranberries, raisins and local small honey producer honey.  After that, but quickly, comes the strong coffee I make for myself and the rest of the pot is to be diluted to whatever the day dictates.

Just as a note: the Poo Powder came in yesterday so the immediacy of running to the clubhouse may be over.  We do not want to put our more or less solid waste into our holding tank, which we can enjoy again when we retire, so inventive ways to avoid this are dreamed of by every cruiser.  Hence, the Poo Powder that is supposed to rid us of this malady.

Moore later but SAM beckons to yet another water intrusion point of old origin, thank Heavens.  I have a distinct aversion to water leaks from any source.  Any sailor can relate to this statement.  Backtracking, the night was cold but the morning was bright and sunny.  As the day warmed so did our spirits and those at the clubhouse.  We all reluctantly departed for our tasks of the day. 

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