Sunday, January 25, 2015

Required Visibility - Navigation Lights USCG

I just ordered a new bow light made by Attwood with following specifications. It is for boats up to 20 meters / 65.6 feet. Meets USCG CFR 183.810, ABYC A-16 requirements and all applicable standards as tested by Imanna Laboratories, on 3/6/2007. 2 nautical mile visibility.
Type of navigation lightLight beamAngleType of boatBoats < 12mBoats < 20mBoats < 50mBoats > 50m
Starboard112.5°Sailing & Motor boats1 nm2 nm2 nm3 nm
Port112.5°Sailing & Motor boats1 nm2 nm2 nm3 nm
Stern135°Sailing & Motor boats2 nm2 nm2 nm3 nm
Masthead225°Motor boats2 nm3 nm5 nm6 nm
All-round360°Sailing & Motor boats2 nm2 nm2 nm3 nm
Bi-colour2 x 112.5°Sailing & Motor boats1 nm2 nm
Tri-colour2 x 112.5°+ 135°Sailing boats1-2 nm2 nm

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