Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day & Little Yellow

Labor Day has come and gone and with its passing the "end of the season" is upon us.  To that end I removed the sails from LY and all the gear except the sponge, paddle and the motor.  I will take her for one more trip around the lake on motor and then haul her for storage in the designated spot in the barn.  A good bottom cleaning is instore for her too.  It will be a real gas to get her out of the water and it may entail decoupling the trailer to push it out farther than the truck can go even with the 10' 2x12 planks (to keep the rear wheels from sinking into the muck).  If it goes smoothly then you will hear no more but if not prepare for a page full of details.

From the cockpit of a C-310R in a former life

The new Craftsman metric wrenches came in today.  These are larger sizes needed for the Irwin 43 MkIII engine work.  I started arranging for the SAE tools bag and the metric tools bag that are soft sided (Harbor Freight 12" style)  so I can grab either bag depending on what I am doing.  The soft sided bags will not mar the gelcoat or sole of the boats.  While at HF I bought one of those 12" diameter 15" deep duck bags with the rope handles to hoist tools up the mast while I work on items aloft..  I am also starting to arrange all the electronic parts I want to take with us when we start our journey.  I'll report more on that in my electronics and system blog at .

The picture is from an era past while I was flying a C-310R eastward towards New Hampshire one morning and I was over Lake Erie (and Canada as I remember).

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