Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Start

I have several blogs now that I host on my own Wordpress server but thought I would try this for fun.

Water Water Everywhere will be about kayaking and probably be pretty boring. However, kayaking MI, IN, OH waters summer, spring, winter and fall is my cool thing to do. I also Geocache quite a bit too so there may be some of that in here if the cache is along the water way.

I have several kayaks and am looking for a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140. I think this is just about the nicest feeling kayak that I have ever sat in. Thant lead me to this blog that I created because I had a wanted posted on Craigslist. Some kind person pointed me to eBay and low and behold there was aWST140 for about the $ I was willing to pay. Thanks Steffane.

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