Saturday, February 2, 2019

Watermaker 100 lph block diagram

The credits are on the picture so I do not need to do many disclaimers; however, I did pick this up from somewhere in my sojourn as a sailor. I do know Cruiser Forum had a recent watermaker article on the subject so I will put that link here too (I do not know if you need a subscription to see it though).

Also, here is another way, Salt Water Pro , to go with so many ways to configure.  I think individual components is a good way to construct yours since you can put the bits and pieces anywhere.  The quiet motor option sounds good (pardon the pun) but I have never heard one running so I do not really know.

I am a patreon of Emerald Steel watermaker and they maid their own watermaker.  It is presented on Youtube and has names, places and how-to's for building watermakers.  Well worth the listen but it has the usuak Youtube commercials at the front.